Reminder- I’ve Moved

Hey friends!

This is just a friendly reminder that I’ve moved!

You can find me here:  Delights and Delectables

If you get e-mail notifications for my posts, you will need to sign up for those again at the new site.  Just click the envelope icon at the top right of the new site and enter your information.

Also, don’t forget to change your RSS feed settings if you are subscribed via Google Reader or any other reader.  🙂

See you all at the new place.  😉

I’m Moving!

Happy Friday!!!!  TGIF, right???  

So glad it is the weekend.  I have no big plans, but I have lots of work to do!

I have been keeping a secret from you guys.  This little blog has been growing and getting so much love from you guys that for space and several other reasons, I’m moving!

It is still in transition right now, so blog posts might be a bit scattered and I apologize if I go MIA for a little while.  

Do you all want a sneak peak???  I thought you might.

Screen shot 2012 07 20 at 7 54 29 AM

Cory at Zesty Blog Consulting has been working his magic, and he is doing a great job!!  I highly recommend him!  

We are hard at work to finish it up, so the next time you see me, I may be over there.  I’ll do a post here to let you guys know I’ve moved and where you can find me.

You all wouldn’t want to miss out!  Especially since I’m still taunting you with that enchilada recipe!  😉

What are you up to this weekend?