This blogging thing..

Who knew blogging was so confusing?!?!

Okay.. I’ll be honest.  Technology hates me.  Seriously.  My Palm Pixi never works right for me, my ipod died after 2 months, and my MAC does really weird things on its own.  SO, right now my blog and I have a love/hate relationship.  If any of you have any crazy good wordpress skills and would like to share…  feel free to let me know!

Today was crazy busy at work, because we just moved into a beautiful new office (pictures to come soon!).  Today was also Halloween candy buyback day!!  We paid kiddos a dollar for every pound of candy they brought in.  We are going to send this candy to soldiers overseas.  It was precious seeing all the little ones bring in their candy.  Of course, all the chocolate had been taken out!

After a great Insanity sweat sesh, Luvy and I cooked dinner.  I got to add a new food today, sole.  I have never been a meat or fish eater, but with this new LEAP program I have to eat what’s available!  Surprisingly, it was a very light fish.  It was actually really good.  No pictures tonight, because I was one hungry hippo and scarfed down my food before a camera could have turned on!

Stay tuned for a post about LEAP and what the program is and does!  Plus, there was recent wedding bells….

Goodnight my loves!


2 thoughts on “This blogging thing..

  1. Hey lil sis! We did the halloween buy back at our work today too and it was awesome. It’s the first year we did it and the little ones were SO excited to send candy and notes to the soldiers overseas. I think our grand total was 137 lbs! What an awesome program. Hope you are well and I miss you!
    Kristy 🙂

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