You may kiss the bride…

Life has been crazy busy these past few weeks.  October 19th Luvy had his tonsils and adenoids taken out.  😦  He was a trooper. Two days later, I drove us to Tennessee for my baby brothers wedding.

Only for my brother would I drag out my sick hubby for a 4.5 hour drive!

The trip was quick and pretty uneventful, because we stuck close to home.  I got plenty of good family time in though.  Friday morning I got to help my new sister, Dawn, and her mom decorate the church and reception area.  Having that girl time was wonderful!

Friday night we had the rehearsal.  Leave it to my brother to make it a fun night…  

Luvy and I didn’t get to attend the rehearsal dinner because he was highly medicated AND neither of us could eat there.  I had just started the LEAP diet that day, and he was barely eating pudding.  :/

The wedding was Saturday evening, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!  Not near as beautiful as my new sister though!

We had a lot of fun taking pictures at the local college.  Michael and Dawn seemed to be having fun with the photographers.  Luvy, Daddy, and I took the opportunity to take some of our own pictures.  I can never get Daddy to smile… until now.  I learned that if you tickle right in the rib cage right before the picture is taken this happens:

Luvy and I loved these fall shots.  For being 4 days post surgery, I must say that he looks mighty handsome!

At the reception, I snuck in a plum and apple for me and yogurt and apple sauce for Luvy.  What a pair!  🙂

The cake was adorable!  I love the duckies!

My brother seemed to think it was pretty tasty.

It may have been a quick trip, but it was well worth it.  Welcome to our family Dawn!!

We love you both!!


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