Life on the go..

It seems like Luvy and I are constantly on the go here lately.  As I type, we are both in bed with our MAC’s working in our hotel room.

Right after work tonight, we left for Ohio!  Tomorrow we are going to see the lovely Molly at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.  

You can’t really see us, but it is Molly and me–promise.  We are in Minas Gerais, Brazil here!

Then off to Northern Kentucky University to see Michael and Maddie.

I’ve got my cooler packed with all kinds of goodies so I will have LEAP friendly foods.Today, I got to add in zucchini!!  I made another kamut “fried rice” for lunch and added it in.  Just wait for tomorrow- I have a very fun new food to add!  🙂

For breakfast, I made amaranth cereal.  This is another one of those grains that I had never even considered before the LEAP diet.

If you are like me, you may be asking ‘what in the crap is amaranth?!?’.  Well, I shall enlighten you.

It is actually a seed not a true grain, and it is considered and “ancient grain”.  For one serving, it contains 7 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber!!  It has been shown to decrease blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels.  Much better nutritional profile than my old fav oatmeal.  (not that I still don’t love and miss my oats!)

The only down side to amaranth cereal is that is takes about 20-25 minutes to cook.  I just stick it on and do other things while it cooks.  Also, I have found that I don’t like “granola” or nuts in this cereal like I do oats or rye flakes.  This makes for a much different breakfast!

To my cereal this morning I added:

  • almond milk
  • homemade apple sauce
  • almond butter
  • cinnamon

It was delicious!  The little grains/seeds have a surprising crunch to them.  I was still hungry after this meal though… it didn’t tie me over like the rye flakes do.

However, this could be because I did some Insanity this morning before breakfast.  Shaun T worked me out this morning.  I am missing my running, but Insanity has been a good alternative.  Hopefully I can try running again here soon.  I just want to give my knee plenty of time to heal!

See you tomorrow night with all of our fun with Molly, Michael, and Maddie.  I think some shopping might take place!

Have any of you ever tried amaranth??


One thought on “Life on the go..

  1. Hey Brittany! I didn’t know you had a blog! I LOVE it and it gives me ideas for stuff to eat because I’m trying to eat more healthy…this is cool 🙂

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