College girls

This morning, Luvy and I slept in.  Actually, Luvy slept in.. my mind was RACING!  Do you ever have those nights when you can’t sleep because you have too much going on in your head?  Last night was one of those nights for me.  My semester is coming to a close quickly at school, and I feel the pressure!

Traveling this weekend was well worth the time away from home..even if I do have to crack down for the next few weeks.

After eating breakfast at our hotel and having my Sunflower Seed Butter on my rye flakes, we headed over to Georgetown College!

These girls are just too fun!  We took them to Mancino’s for lunch.  Their pick!  

Their plates looked good.  However, the pizzas at the other table were looking to DIE for!  I have been craving pizza since the start of the LEAP program.

I promise there was noodles underneath all that sauce!

I took my lunch box in… THANKS KAREN!!!!  My boss, Karen, bought me this lunchbox so that we could all take our lunches to the new office.  It came in quite handy this weekend.

After we left Georgetown, we headed back to Louisville.  We needed to run to Passafiume’s Produce.  It is where we get pretty much all of our produce.  They are much, much cheaper than the grocery because they sell to all the restaurants around town.  For example, beets are only 90 cents a pound there!  Before the LEAP program, I used to juice carrots.  I could buy huge organic carrots for 90 cents a pound.  They give you great prices!

We got 4 beets, 2 zucchinis, 3 yellow squash, 1.5 pounds of mushrooms, and 2 huge heads of broccoli all for $9.67!  I forgot to get plums… 😦

Our next stop was Rainbow Blossom, a local health food store.  They have a lot of skin care items there, so I was on the prowl for items without coconut in them.  I have a list of over 50 names that coconut goes by in products.  You would be amazed…

After searching for what seemed like an eternity because I was STARVING, we finally made out with a face wash, face lotion, soap, and body lotion.

When we got home, our sink decided to blow up and start spraying water everywhere.  Plus, I realized the face wash and lotion did indeed have COCONUT IN THEM!!!  Back to the drawing board…

Our dinner plans of salmon quickly changed to a quick kamut “fried rice” and other random eats.

Luvy spent 4 hours on our sink, but he fixed it.  Except, the hot is now cold and the cold is hot….  LOL!

I am pooped, and tomorrow we have our Operation Christmas Child party to put together our 60 boxes.

Question for ya:  Is there anything you all want to hear about or what me to post about?

See you tomorrow loves!


2 thoughts on “College girls

  1. What is wrong with coconut? And I’m a few days behind but would love to know why you started the leap program. You talked about what it was…but not really why :).

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