Going back to college

Today Luvy and I got up early, early and headed to Cedarville, Ohio.  Today, it was FREEZING outside!  What was waiting for us in Cedarville was worth braving the cold.  

We got to see the lovely Molly!!  She took us to her 9 am class, Old Testament.  I took my backpack and everything!  I sure wish that the college I went to was as nice as Cedarville University.  It is a very impressive school.  Not only are the facilities BEAUTIFUL, but her professor was very personable and interesting.  

After class, we headed to chapel.  The junior class was over chapel today, and they did a good job.  The girl singing in chapel was very good.  However, she is no April Mills.  🙂  I’m a little partial though.

Luvy and I grabbed a quick lunch.  I packed my new food- RASPBERRIES!!  I also had 2 almond butter and maple syrup sandwiches.  Not a well-balanced meal, but you do what you have to when you are traveling.

Next, we drove down to Cincinnati one of Luvy and my favorite cities!  We went to Crate and Barrel.  I could do some major damage in that store…  Luvy bought me some fun new spoons that I have been drooling over for months.  

We headed over to the mall for a quick look, but we didn’t have much time.  We had to run over to Trader Joe’s for my new food add in for tomorrow.  Unfortunately, TJ’s sunflower butter has cane sugar in it, and I can’t have that yet in my diet.  Luckily, we found Cincinnati Natural Foods, and they carried MaraNatha Sunflower Butter!!  Thank you MaraNatha for not having sugar in your butter!!!!!  

After grabbing my nut butter for tomorrow, we drove down to Northern Kentucky University to see Maddie and Michael.  We hung out in Maddie’s dorm and went to dinner at Cheddar’s.

We took a group picture, but it shall never be seen in public.  It isn’t very flattering of anyone but Luvy.  I don’t think he takes a bad picture though.

Our waiter was great!  He brought me hot water for my tea, and was completely accomidating of me bringing in my own food.  I took left over kamut, lentils, and beets mixed with maple and cinnamon plus some roasted broccoli and mushrooms.  It was leftover from Wednesday’s dinner.

After a great visit with Maddie and Michael, we are now in Lexington staying the night.  We are headed to Georgetown College tomorrow to visit some students there!

If you haven’t guessed already, my new food is sunflower seeds for tomorrow.

Has anyone ever had sunflower butter?

Do any of you know where to get hazelnut butter without chocolate??


One thought on “Going back to college

  1. If you want hazelnut butter without chocolate I know that if you talk to your local Kroger manager they will special order some for you, just tell them the brand and stuff. They are very accommodating to their customers (I used to work there).

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