Wishing for a run

After having the Monday blues yesterday, today was a terrific day!  I woke up before my alarm, and so I wasn’t rushed!  This is the first morning in forever I haven’t felt like I was running the Derby trying to get ready for work.

Every good day has to start out with a healthy breakfast.

Enter Rye Flakes.  This was ready in about 7 minutes.  Sorry for the messy bowl.. I cheated and made this is the microwave this morning to save time.  

They don’t get creamy like oats do, but they are a good alternative.  The strawberries and “granola” made my morning.

Lunch was super quick and equally tasty.  I roasted some beets, mushrooms, and broccoli.

I mixed the beets in with kamut, lentils, cinnamon, and maple.  I usually make my lunches the night before, but today I had a long lunch.  It was a special treat!

Dinner was another fast meal prepared mostly by Luvy.  We had baked sole with garlic, dill, and basil, daddy’s green beans, and cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes.


As you can tell… it was terrible.

I can’t believe that I am actually eating fish and not hating it.  I don’t crave it or LOVE it, but I can eat it and my stomach doesn’t hurt.  I can learn to love it if my stomach doesn’t hurt after eating it.

For my night-time snack, I wanted a slice of my homemade kamut and amaranth bread with almond butter.  I went to cut it and noticed it had a weird smell and had white powdery stuff on it.  😦  I ate a little over 3/4 of the loaf, but it is was still a bummer to toss it.  I settled for some almond milk and carob “hot chocolate” while working on research for school stuff.

Tonight, I did Insanity Power and Resistance DVD.  I have been doing Insanity every day now for a couple of weeks.  It is fun, but I miss my running.

After the Women’s Half in September, my right knee hasn’t been the same.

I haven’t run on it for 3 weeks now.  I’m trying to rest it so that it can heal- I don’t want to injure it more or do any more damage.  I have lateral knee pain and it feels like it goes under my knee cap.  I thought it was an IT band problem, but I’m not certain.  I’m getting stir crazy not being able to run.  Especially since this week it is going to be in the upper 60’s and pretty!

Have any of you ever had running injuries?  What did you do to exercise instead of running?


One thought on “Wishing for a run

  1. Brittany my love! So glad you are doing well. I have pain in my right knee as well that sounds exactly like yours; it feels like it’s right on the outside and like something is moving around. It almost feels like it’s about to snap or go under my kneecap. It started about this time last year so I talked to our school trainer about it. She said it definitely sounded like IT band issues. She showed me some stretches to do, and told me there is this soft noodle-like device that you can roll around on your hip to loosen it up. I’ll be honest, though; the pain still comes and goes. It’s unpredictable. Had a great run on Monday, then yesterday was miserable and I had to hobble back to my starting place. : ) Hope this helps some…you can always look up stretches and such online.

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