Pain in the neck

Last night, Luvy and I had a cozy night watching Chase, my new favorite show.  She kind of reminds me of Kate off of Lost.

I like strong women who can take care of themselves.  Anywho, back to last night.  During the show, I started to notice a little bit of a headache coming on.  By the end of the show, I had a full-blown migraine.  I haven’t had a headache like this since high school- we won’t talk about how long ago that was.

Luvy did his best to take care of me.  I ended up missing church and lunch with our missionaries from Chicago.  😦  I was very bummed to miss the Pennington’s.  Lucky for me, we will be in Chicago in February.

I spent the day on the couch.  I tried working on my 30 page paper due in a couple of weeks, but my head didn’t allow it.  My neck is now stiff and my head throbs.

If any of you suffer from headaches, you MUST have one of these:

The Bed Buddy.  It can be used hot or cold.  It is great for just about anything!

At least this is a good excuse for a trip to the chiropractor. Good thing Dr. Jason is right next door to my office!!

Diary of a Mad Black Woman is on.  There is nothing that Madea can’t fix.

Be looking soon for a recipe page.  🙂

Did all of you have a good weekend?  What would you all like to hear more about this week?


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