Head troubles

Some things last too long, and my headache is one of them.  After work today, I went to the chiropractor to try to find some relief. He said I was his best adjustment of the day.  I don’t know how I should take that other than my neck popped about 6 times on each side.  It felt some better after.

The night was spent on the couch with the bed buddy again.  My paper is severely getting neglected, and it is not going to make for a very restful Thanksgiving holiday.  These 30 pages are not going to write themselves…

Tonight, I attempted to make an omelet.  Thanks to the Stemle’s for giving us farm fresh eggs!!  You guys are amazing.  

Look at these guys!  Mrs. Stemle’s mom rescues chickens and gives them a good home.  They are well taken care of, and she shares her eggs with us.  We can’t thank you enough!!

Chopped up some zucchini, squash, mushrooms, LEEK- my new food for the day, garlic, basil, dill, and salt.  

After those cooked down, I added in 2 egg whites.

It ended up being a scramble, because my oil doesn’t cook well.

I have had this problem with corn oil and almond oil.  Those are the oils I am allowed now.  I sure am missing my canola oil spray!!!  😦

My sweet Jenna left me some of her family’s home-grown popcorn.

I popped it and added some carob and cinnamon.  It satisfied my sweet tooth and was delicious.  I may be raiding the Florence house for more of this popcorn!

Off to bed with my bed buddy and tylenol.  😦  Tomorrow is going to be a headache free day (crossing my fingers!).

Have any of you had a headache to linger for days??  Any good remedies on how to get rid of it???


5 thoughts on “Head troubles

  1. Are you able to drink Gatorade? Try drinking a large bottle of that if you can – seriously might help. Sometimes headaches can happen if you are just slightly dehydrated (even if you are drinking a lot of water…).

  2. Try some ginger, chamomile tea. Take a nap if possible. Take a bath. Do some stretching. I find what helps me is to do something to relax. ❤

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