Reader Response and Pizza Party!

I love love love hearing from you guys.  Thank you so much for reading and for your comments.  I wanted to specifically respond to a couple of questions that Donna asked.

Here was her question: How well do you like the spelt flour with the recipes you make? We use to buy spelt bread and it seems like I liked it if memory serves me correctly. I know you said you will have to perfect the pancakes. I’ll be watching for that recipe. Do you use pure maple syrup, honey, fruit or what to top your pancakes?

She asked in response to my spelt pancakes I made on Saturday.  Remember these??

I really enjoyed the spelt flour.  It has a sweet and nutty taste that whole wheat doesn’t have.  However, these pancakes were MUCH more dense than my whole wheat.

As far as toppings go, I always top my pancakes with a nut butter.  Before LEAP, it was always peanut butter, but now I’m rocking crunchy almond butter.  I really like Trader Joe’s brand and Whole Foods 365 brand.  I also add some sort of fruit. Bananas are great, so are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, get creative!!  Depending on my fruit, I either use pure maple syrup or honey.  Or a mix…  I like to have all my options out and mix and match.

Breakfast is definitely my FAVORITE meal!!

I will be making them again this weekend, so as long as my new recipe holds up I will be posting it!  Be watching…

I am making them for our special guest we have coming this weekend.  He really likes pancakes.  🙂  Any guesses on who is coming???

For an update on my headache, it is still here.  Tonight it is much more intense than the past couple of nights.  Dr. Jason has adjusted my neck twice this week, and that has helped.  I think it is because of the change of pressure and weather changes.  I had a doctor appointment today, and another on Friday.  Hopefully it will be gone before the weekend!

For dinner, I made a super quick but extremely delicious dinner.  Since I spent the day in my pajamas and had to miss class because I am feeling like poo, I figured I could make dinner.

I told you all that I have been craving pizza.  Tonight, I made a polenta pizza with homemade broccoli pesto!

I got the recipe ideas from Emily over at The Front Burner Blog and from Happy Herbivore.  If you haven’t ever been to these blogs, you should go!  I read Emily’s frequently.  She is an amazing chef, and she is a great writer!

Recipe details to come for the pizza and the pesto.

I’m exhausted from my head pounding.  Tomorrow is going to be spent writing my paper- wish me luck!!!

Thanks again, Donna, for your question.  I love getting questions from you all!

Do any of you have any other questions for me?  Food and nonfood related?


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