Guest arrival

Today was a busy, busy day!

I finally went to the doctor about my knee.  After x-rays and all kinds of fun, it is either my IT band or tendonitis.  The plan is to ice and foam roll, and absolutely no running for 6 more weeks.  😦  Bummer.

I also got my flu shot today while at the doctor.

My headache is still here, and the doctor agrees that she thinks it is the weather and allergies.  I can’t take ibuprofen or anything with aspirin in it due to my stomach issues, so I’ll have to deal with Tylenol.  Another bummer.

Tonight was a quick pasta dinner.

Luvy had whole wheat pasta with meat sauce.  He isn’t being deprived while I’m doing my LEAP diet.  🙂

I had spelt pasta with roasted broccoli, cauliflower, beets, and mushrooms.  I topped it all with my homemade pesto and lentils.

Around 7ish, our special guest arrived!!!  In case you hadn’t guessed already–  it’s DADDY!!!

He is here for the weekend since our trips home for Thanksgiving and Christmas are always so quick.  We have lots of things planned and to do in his 2 short days here.

Daddy brought our new washing machine with him.

A few months ago, our old washing machine pooped out on us.  One day, it decided not to drain anymore.  I was not sad to see this guy go!

My mom and step-dad were wanting a new washing machine, so they gave us their old one!!

You don’t realize what a luxury it is to do laundry in your own home until you are without a washer for several months!!!

Thanks mom and Mike!!!

I was extremely excited to wash a load of laundry tonight.  (Please excuse my jammies)

Tomorrow, there will be plenty more loads to be washed, but I don’t mind.  I don’t have to drive anywhere to do them!!!

Off to bed- we have 2 big days ahead!

What everyday luxury do you think you would miss the most if you didn’t have it?


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