Sole Food

Last night, Luvy and I celebrated our Thanksgiving.

Since we are always traveling and going nuts around the holidays, we decided to make a special meal before we hit the road for Tennessee.

I made homemade cranberry sauce.  I followed the genius Angela’s recipe which can be found here.

The only change I made was that I used honey instead of maple syrup.

We had the best baked sole we have ever made,

sautéed green beans,mushrooms, squash, and garlic,

roasted beets,

and of course cranberry sauce.

We had a great Thanksgiving together!

Today, we hit the road for glory land.

How much food and kitchen stuff does it take for Luv to be able to cook/eat for the next few days??

A lot.

Since traditional Thanksgiving food is not LEAP friendly, I’ll be cooking quite a bit.  🙂

Our family has two new additions coming soon.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on my two new nieces!!!

My wonderful sister-in-law, Jennifer, is due anytime to have Laura.

On the ride down, I googled home remedies to induce labor.

I now have Jennifer walking around her house swaying her hips, and tomorrow she is off to buy a pineapple.

Chow down girl!

Any of you have any good home remedies for Jennifer??  What Thanksgiving food is your favorite? (mine is sweet potatoes!)


One thought on “Sole Food

  1. That’s funny–my sister Heidi is now 8 months pregnant, and flying in from Alaska for Thanksgiving (as we speak she is somewhere between Seattle and Chicago). I’ve been joking with my parents about how we can induce labor so that she has the baby here, where all of us can meet him asap!

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