Thanksgiving part II

Two Thanksgivings = 2 full and happy bellies

Thanksgiving afternoon, Luvy and I headed out to see his family.  He has a big family, 3 brothers and sisters plus their families!  It is always a fun time…never a dull moment here.  We really missed Nathan, Paula, Elizabeth, and Daniel, but they are in China getting Molly!  We can’t wait to meet her!!

On the way, Luvy and I stopped to get the pineapple!!  

Jennifer ate the entire thing.  🙂  We are all ready for Laura to be here.  No one more than Jennifer though!  She is the most beautiful pregnant lady I have ever seen!!

We had some good eats.  Luvy and I contributed roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms.  You have to keep it simple when traveling!

After dinner, we played outside.  McKenna, my niece, loves the trampoline!
We had to do some teeth checking, too.  Of course, she was eating a candy cane.  McKenna loves to brush her teeth.  She makes her aunt Brittany proud!
We had a great Thanksgiving!  I hope all of you had as wonderful of a time with loved ones as we did!
We have much to be thankful for!
What food did you all fill up on or eat too much of this Thanksgiving? (mine was sweet potatoes, of course!)

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