I could break out in song!

I feel like breaking out in the Hallelujah chorus!  However, I will spare everyone.

Life has been way to hectic here lately, and tonight I FINISHED my big paper.  I also finished my presentation, and now all that is left is to present my paper tomorrow night and take my final next week.  I am on a downward slope!

To make things even more exciting, Jennifer is going to be induced on Wednesday!  Not only do we have Molly, but little Laura will be here this week also!!  I can’t wait to hold my two new nieces.  Here is a new picture of Molly.

To celebrate, tonight Luvy and I made something I have been craving for over a month.  Now that I can have wheat, we made PIZZA!  A REAL pizza- not a polenta one.  Of course, there was no cheese or tomato sauce.  BUT it was the best LEAP pizza ever. I thought I was in heaven.  I may or may not have eaten almost 1/2 of the pizza…. 

It certainly cured my craving for bread.

Now that school and life will be winding down, I plan on putting that bread machine my mom gave me to work!  I can’t wait to have a piece of TOAST!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my recipe for the best whole wheat pizza dough and pizza recipe!  I think I might just make dough and eat it by itself…  🙂

Off to bed for this gal.  See you all after class tomorrow night- you don’t want to miss this recipe!  Plus, we may have another new family member by tomorrow night!!!

What food do you all crave? (I crave bread, almond butter, and hot carob)


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