Bring on 2011

Luvy and I had a wonderful salmon dinner to say goodbye to 2010.  It has been an eventful year to say the least!

I hope 2011 has much fewer doctors and hospitals involved.  I had my gallbladder out and Luvy had his tonsils out this year.

We set a few 2011 goals

1. Loosen up!!  My biggest goal for 2011 is to not take myself so seriously.  Dinners don’t have to be perfect, it is okay to miss a workout, and things don’t always have to go as planned.  I have a very type A personality.

2. Run another 1/2 marathon, but this time with Luvy.  

3. Get my group fitness instructor license and teach.

4. Do more weight training/ yoga.

5. Serve more as a couple- make meals, have people over, etc.

6. Do weekly family devotions.

We have our New Year’s goodies ready.  This year there is no sparkling grape juice since it is not LEAP friendly for me.  We will be toasting with apple juice!  I feel like I’m a kid again–  where’s the sippy cup?

Luvy got me a red rose for New Years… could I get any luckier???  😉

I made him a pumpkin pie.  It smells great.. I can’t wait to dig in.

We hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!




I keep saying that I’m going to make more difficult meals this week since I’m off.  I’m not doing so well on this!

Nonetheless, dinner was wonderful!  Adzuki beans with salt and cumin, sautéed green beans with mushrooms and raw almond butter, and yummy butternut squash salad.

Have any of you had Adzuki beans??  I couldn’t wait to add them back into my diet.  They may be my favorite bean.  They are supposed to be one of the easiest beans to digest, and it has the lowest fat content.  They do not have to be soaked prior to cooking, and it says they only take 30 min to simmer.  I had to simmer mine for an hour before they were ready.  This threw a curveball in my dinner.  We had to reheat everything!

The butternut squash salad stole the show.

Butternut Squash Salad- I didn’t measure anything… I just eyeballed amounts.

  • 1  cubed butternut squash roasted with olive oil and cinnamon- 425° for 35 minutes
  • Cooked bulgar wheat or millet
  • Craisins
  • Cinnamon
  • Toasted Walnuts or Pecans
  • Maple Syrup

Roast your butternut squash and cook your grain of choice.  Toast walnuts or pecan in a dry skillet or microwave for 30 sec on high.  Mix squash, grain, craisins, and nuts.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and toss.  Add maple syrup to taste.  Balsamic vinegar would also be wonderful in this!

One more day for 2010!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my 2011 goals!

What would you all like to see or hear more about on Delights and Delectables in 2011?

Stuck Like A Pig

I do not like needles.  PERIOD!  I feel like a human pin cushion.

I got allergy testing done today.  I already knew that I was allergic to every plant, dust, mold, and tree out there.  My doctor told me that I should frame my allergy test results because the entire list is highlighted.  I got a lovely nasal spray and medicine to take. Hopefully, this will take care of those pesky headaches I have been having.

Along with environmental allergens, I got tested for food allergies.  You may be asking why I did this since I have already done the LEAP testing.  Well, LEAP tests for food sensitivities, not true allergies.  My GI doctor wanted me to get the allergy tests done just to check for any true allergies that may be lurking.

Well… I found out that I’m allergic to my love… sweet potatoes!!!!  I must be joking right??  Oh no.  Sweet potatoes, watermelon, bell peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, and cabbage!  My little heart is broken.

Of course now would be a good time to reach for the chocolate or brownies, but I can’t have them…

I’m off to sulk on the couch with Luvy with my tapioca pudding.

At least I’m not allergic to carob… that we know of.

Has anyone else had to have allergy testing done??