Lots of things have to go into preparing to go to Tennessee.

The LEAP diet makes me eat so differently that I have to pack every meal that I will need while I am gone.  As if I didn’t already eat so much different from everyone else already!  🙂  Luckily, no one seems to mind.

Last night, I meant to make just a little bit of lentils and bulgar wheat to make a couple of meals for while we travel.  I went a little overboard, so I used them for tonight’s dinner.

Enter: Vegan “meatloaf”.

It was wonderful!  I have made this several times before with different ingredients.  This was a LEAP diet vegan meatloaf.

I topped it off with a beet puree.  At first I was unsure how I would like the beets, but they were good.  Definitely not the same as ketchup, but a good alternative for those who can’t have tomatoes.

Look at that texture… YUM!  Especially topped with sautéed mushrooms and salt and peppa!

I’m off with a long list of TO DO’S.  The next few days are going to be CRAZY getting to Tennessee and back.

  • Laundry
  • Blog (check)
  • Meal plan
  • One Tree Hill with Luvy
  • Make grocery list
  • Make Christmas List (they have been asking for this for forever!)
  • Check e-mails
  • Begin the packing process
  • Deal with my toe nail (it has been slowing falling off since the half marathon I ran back in September)

Beautiful.  My feet are all messed up from running, and I’m sure my dancing days didn’t help much either.

Check back tomorrow for the vegan meatloaf recipe!

Good night, and thanks for all of the sympathy and concerns for Luvy’s Uncle Frank.

Are there any recipes that you all would like for me to show you how to make more healthy? I’m always up for a challenge!



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