When the weather is frightful

Eat grits in a jar!

I love eating my breakfasts out of almost empty nut butter jars.  I was saving this guy for a special morning.  Today was the day.

My grits almost didn’t fit into the jar!

Grits+honey+cinnamon+cooked apple

I dined in peace this morning.  This was the first morning in forever I haven’t had someplace to rush off to.  I FINALLY  got to watch Regis and Kelly for the first time in MONTHS!!

For those of you that don’t know, I love Kelly Ripa.  Not in a creepy weird way- I just think she is great!  Luvy and I went to the show when we were in NYC.  Luvy is now a fan.  🙂

Poor Kelly is on crutches because of a stress fracture.  Regis and Kelly in the mornings is like my cup of coffee.  I NEED them in the mornings.  🙂

They brighten my day, especially on yucky days like today.  I hope everyone is staying warm and staying out of the slush!

Happy Weekend!!!

What are your weekend plans? Mine includes Christmas shopping that hasn’t begun yet around here.  eeekkk!!!



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