You Say Tomato

I have decided to not start the rotation diet fully until after Christmas.  It is going to make it easier on my family and myself during the holidays.  After I almost lost my mind, my wonderful dietician, Sandra, e-mailed me and made me feel much better about the situation.  Sometimes I just need someone level-headed to give me the facts and calm me.

Maybe this is why God gave me Luvy??  😉

These next few days are super packed with trying to get ready to travel for the holidays.  We are going to be burning the rubber driving back and forth to TN and KY.

One thing that I love about the holidays is getting Christmas cards!  I especially love the ones with pictures.  Kids are just too cute on cards.  (But so are you Ben & April and Will & Emily!)  We have beautiful friends with beautiful families.

Tonight I made a real pizza with tomatoes on it!!  🙂  However, I didn’t get a picture because it was 7:30, and we were about to die of hunger!  None of the pizza made it out alive tonight.  We ate the whole dang thing!  So much for having leftovers for lunch tomorrow!  🙂

I’m off to wrap presents for my work Christmas Party tomorrow!  I hope Applebee’s doesn’t mind me bringing in a lunchbox!  🙂

Is everyone done Christmas shopping and wrapping?? I’m not!!



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