Baby Flavor

That is what my name means in Chinese.. Baby Flavor???  Really?

Nathan and Paula got us all bookmarks with our names and their Chinese symbol and meaning for Christmas.

Christmas night, we celebrated with Luvy’s family, and we FINALLY got to meet Molly!

We checked out the snow, and she let me feed her.

The two new nieces were finally with the family together.  Molly likes her baby cousin. 

After stuffing our faces again, we exchanged presents.  Molly was getting the hang of ripping the paper.  It was so fun watching her and McKenna open their presents.  Elizabeth, Daniel, Jordan, and Joshua are great too, but there is something about little ones and Christmas that is special.

All the ladies (minus McKenna)-

Luvy and his dad both got hats from Nathan and Paula.  They got them during their trip to China.

Sweet McKenna gave me night-night hugs before everyone had to head home before the roads got bad.

Today, we were snowed in!

Snow pictures to come tomorrow!


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