Snowed In

We got more snow than we were expecting in the Smokey Mountains!

For the first time in a LONG time, we had a white Christmas.  We thought the majority of the snow was over with, but we were wrong.  The next morning it looked like this:

Luvy and I had a large group of college students supposed to be traveling down to meet us in Pigeon Forge to stay for a few days. After much consulting and agonizing, we realized that we had to cancel the trip.  It just wasn’t safe for them to travel down.  The roads were extremely slick, the park was closed, and the sidewalks were covered and way to slippery.  We didn’t want them to get down and be stuck in the cabins for 3 days with nowhere to go, or worse get in a wreck or someone get hurt.

My mother-in-law and I went outside to measure the snow.  This was early in the morning and the snow continued to fall all day. Church was cancelled, so we sat around the fire and enjoyed each other.  

Cleopatra was not a happy girl…  she doesn’t like the snow covering here.  She was certainly missing her garage!

My favorite road in Gatlinburg.. for obvious reasons!  It was completely covered.

The roads were covered with black ice yesterday evening, so we travelled back home today.  There was barely any snow here!

It was a beautiful day!

Were any of you snowed in??


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