Stuck Like A Pig

I do not like needles.  PERIOD!  I feel like a human pin cushion.

I got allergy testing done today.  I already knew that I was allergic to every plant, dust, mold, and tree out there.  My doctor told me that I should frame my allergy test results because the entire list is highlighted.  I got a lovely nasal spray and medicine to take. Hopefully, this will take care of those pesky headaches I have been having.

Along with environmental allergens, I got tested for food allergies.  You may be asking why I did this since I have already done the LEAP testing.  Well, LEAP tests for food sensitivities, not true allergies.  My GI doctor wanted me to get the allergy tests done just to check for any true allergies that may be lurking.

Well… I found out that I’m allergic to my love… sweet potatoes!!!!  I must be joking right??  Oh no.  Sweet potatoes, watermelon, bell peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, and cabbage!  My little heart is broken.

Of course now would be a good time to reach for the chocolate or brownies, but I can’t have them…

I’m off to sulk on the couch with Luvy with my tapioca pudding.

At least I’m not allergic to carob… that we know of.

Has anyone else had to have allergy testing done??


3 thoughts on “Stuck Like A Pig

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