No Time = No Blog

I have no time.  : (

We are in a mad dash to get everything done before we leave for Peru.  I have been writing papers, pulling my hair out, doing laundry, and no telling what else.  I feel like I need to be 3 places at once.

I love to write for fun.  Blogging and stuff never bothers me.  However, I HATE to write for school.  Give me a test, and I’m good… make me write and I want to die!  Why did I sign up for a master’s program again?!?

Sorry for neglecting you all like I have been.  Exciting stuff to come this week.

It is in the 70’s and 80’s in Peru!!!  Sunshine, here I come!

I know the Lord is going to do great things in Peru!

How many of you have been on international mission trips?  Share your experiences!!



Going to Work with Dad

Luvy had never been to see where Daddy works before, so today we went to work with him.  🙂

Dad’s company JTEK is a Japanese owned company that makes steering gear for Lexus, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru.

He is over several different areas of the company, and he took Luvy and I on tour today.

It was very interesting.  Luvy thought it was fascinating.  We ended up getting to see how several different steering gears are made, hydraulic and manual.  

I have never been a “car” girl, but this was neat.  You don’t realize all that goes into making a car.  All I know is it is amazing how much goes into just the steering gear!!

Tomorrow it is back to the grind.  I have a paper to write, packing to do, and cleaning.  Only 1 day to do it all…  Whew!

We will be 2 busy bees.

Off to watch a movie with Daddy.  Good night y’all!

What are you all up to this weekend??

Unto the Hills We Go

Before our trip to Peru, we are heading down to Tennessee.

Mom and Mike bought us the new luggage for Christmas, and we couldn’t fit it in our car to bring it back.  So, we are heading down to get it.

Daddy is taking us on a tour of where he works tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see the fam!!  It has been 1 month too long.

I am a huge family person, and I don’t like going an entire month without seeing my family.

Off we go…  see you tomorrow!