New Favorite

I have a new favorite kitchen gadget.  For all of you busy people out there, you NEED one of these.

Mom and Mike got us a pressure cooker for Christmas this year, and I was so excited to use it.  Luvy noticed when we got it out that it says it can not be used on a ceramic cooktop.  Lovely!

After chatting with the sweet lady at Williams-Sonoma for 45 minutes on the phone, we decided that an electric pressure cooker was best suited for us.  We ordered a Fagor electric pressure cooker from Amazon.  We battled between the Cuisinart and the Fagor, but the Fagor won out for a few reasons.  It is not only a pressure cooker, but it is also a slow cooker and a rice cooker in one!  The only thing I don’t like about it is that the pot is Teflon. 😦

After reading Emily’s blog, I have been wanting a rice cooker.  However, we don’t have much storage space in our kitchen, and it would take up too much room.  Now, I have a 3 in one!!

It was delivered today so, of course, I HAD to use it for dinner.  I made Emily’s Red Beans and Rice.  The only substitution I made was I used 1 tsp of Spanish paprika and 1 tsp smoked paprika.

In 12 minutes, we had a delicious meal.  Well, more like 20 minutes.. you have to let the pressure build up and then release. Nonetheless, it saved me lots of time!  I have a feeling this will be used frequently in this house!

Ladies (and guys), you can cook an entire meal in this thing in less than 40 minutes.  It is incredible.  I was looking through the recipes, and you can cook chicken, steak, meatloaf, you name it in this pot.  I definitely recommend this for the busy family!  Oh, and the rice setting only takes 6 minutes!!  Boo-yah!

Thanks Mom and Mike and Papaw for a WONDERFUL gift!  I will be in my kitchen cooking for the next few days… beans beware!

Do any of you have good recipes for a pressure cooker??  What kitchen gadget could you not live without?


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