R & R

Today was a tough day at work.  Nothing bad happened, but sometimes my job is hard on my back.  

(This picture was taken on a medical mission trip to Bogotá, Columbia)

I am in need of a little rest and relaxation.  So, tonight I am going to do just that.  Tomorrow I am off, and I am making the decision now to sleep in, make myself breakfast in the morning, and eat while watching Regis and Kelly.  I have told you all about my love for Kelly right???  🙂  Now if I will only make myself do that…

(picture taken from here)

I have a problem with “relaxing” when there is so much to be done.  In high school and some of college, I could sleep until like 1pm!  Now, if I sleep past 8am I feel like I have waisted the entire day.

To start off my R&R, I’m going to cut tonight’s post short, drink my hot carob, eat my pumpkin pie, and go to bed.

Goodnight my loves!

Do any of you have a hard time “relaxing”?


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