Vegan/ Vegetarian Dilemma

Today I did lots of running… not of the exercise kind.

I should not be allowed to go to Whole Foods.  Period.  I got all things that we needed, but Whole Foods turns into Whole Paycheck as Gina calls it.  

I went to Whole Foods with an agenda.  I was going to buy a turkey breast.

SAY WHAT??  You, Brittany, the girl who has been a vegetarian/vegan for years were shopping for a TURKEY??

I have felt like my body is missing something for a while now.  I am constantly hungry and grouchy.  I have been eating (over eating) with no avail of getting rid of my hunger.  When I started the LEAP diet, I did not have many options for protein, so I began eating some fish and egg whites.  This was a HUGE deal for me.  I almost felt guilty for eating them..

I have come to realize that I was prideful about being a vegan.  Since I am lactose intolerant, dairy has always been out of my diet. I was getting plenty of protein from soy and other plant-based proteins.  The LEAP testing showed me highly reactive to soy.  After taking it out, I had to get protein from another source.  I have been making lots of seitan and beans, but it wasn’t enough.  Egg whites and fish have turned out to be a great addition to my diet.  However, I won’t touch raw fish… I either glove up with nitrile gloves or Luvy fixes it. 🙂

It has been so nice to read other bloggers who are going through the same thing.  Gina over at the The Fitnessisa has gone back to eating some chicken, and Ashley at (never home) maker is adding in fish– I’m with ya girl on not touching that raw fish!!  It has been so therapeutic to read how these two girls feel like they need more for their bodies and that I’m not alone.

Back to that turkey, I looked at it and automatically my stomach turned.  There was a layer of fat over it and it looked disgusting. I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

I called my lifesaver of a dietician, Sandra, and she said that I should track my protein intake for a few days and see if it is a protein deficiency.  If so, we will figure out a way to include more protein with something that doesn’t turn my stomach.  Also, I am going to increase my water intake.  Sometimes dehydration can cause hunger pains.  Sandra also wants me to check my blood glucose.  She said that my blood sugar may be dropping when I am feeling this hunger come on.  My mom, grandmother, and several other women in my family have diabetes, so I need and have to be careful!

I’ll keep ya posted on what comes of all this!  I am slowing coming to the realization that I have been prideful of my vegan diet, and now I need to focus on what is right for me and my body.  No matter what others may say or think.  As long as I am eating whole foods and it works for my body, I know I can’t go wrong!

Any suggestions to the turkey ordeal?  Does raw meat turn any of you off?  Are any of you going through the same thing??


7 thoughts on “Vegan/ Vegetarian Dilemma

  1. Even stuff with protein in a vegan diet won’t be recognized as protein by your body unless you are very careful…there are no (or very few) complete proteins in vegetable sources, so if you don’t eat certain foods together in the right proportions, it would be converted to just empty calories for your body, not essential protein the body needs. Meat eaters aren’t unhealthy because they eat meat, but due to the types and quantities they eat (and everything they add to the meat, of course). For example, eating a sandwich with sliced turkey vs. a sandwich with ham and cheese loaf… Even a burger and fries is okay if you eat it very sparingly like once or twice a month at the most…but some people eat that kind of stuff literally every day…that is NOT good. Keeping it under control is key. Easier said than done at times.

  2. I enjoyed this post. And to be honest, it makes me want to go fishing. My dad makes some really good grilled Striper Bass that we catch at Taylorsville Lake. He wraps it in foil so it doesn’t fall apart and puts cajun seasoning on it. Mmm.

    Keep the posts coming Brittany, they’re interesting. I’m hoping to be able to try some of the recipes that you put on here once I get back to work and have the money to do it, since I don’t think we already have the food I’d need.

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