Channeling My Inner Artist

Sorry about going MIA on you all yesterday.  Sometimes ya just need a break!

Thanks for all the feedback on my vegan/vegetarian dilemma.  You all are awesome!!  Tonight, I had salmon for dinner so I know I got some good protein in there.  I have been tracking my protein and water intake, and for the past 2 days I have felt much better.  However, today I got hungry very soon after meals.  Hopefully the salmon will help.

Yesterday, I spent all morning on school stuff.  I was stir crazy by the afternoon.  Lucky for me, my good friend Michelle invited me to go with her to take her daughter, Anna, and two of her friends to Paint Spot in Louisville!  Those girls have so much energy!!  They were a lot of fun.

I painted a mug.  Yes, I know I have no artistic ability.  I think my inner artist stopped developing when I was 6.  At least I learned to color inside the lines.  🙂

Michelle painted a very cute piggy bank!

The girls were awesome, and they painted some cute things too.  No pics of them.  I don’t want to put a picture up of a 12 yr old girl without parental permission, especially since I have never met their parents.

After we painted, Luvy picked me up and we headed home.  We both put away the school stuff and hung out together last night. That is why I didn’t post.  With PhD stuff, my masters, work, and life we are super busy.  This time of the year is extremely hectic for us, so when we get the chance to spend time together we take it!

Yesterday was also one of my very best friend’s birthday!!  

We have been friends since we were 5.  I don’t have many childhood memories that she isn’t a part of.  I love you, Emily, and I wish we could have been together to celebrate!

Today, Luvy and I spent the day at the kitchen table working on school work.  At least we were together right???  Now, we are both taking a break to watch Peyton and the Colts!!


I am working on a recipe page so that it will be easier for you all to find my recipes!

I am loving the feedback on the blog.  Keep it coming!!

Tomorrow- stay tuned for my perfected tapioca pudding recipe.  I was asked for it ages ago… sorry about that!

I am sort of in an exercise slump.  I finished Insanity and was thinking about P90X or another DVD series since it is WAY too cold to run outside.

Do any of you have any suggestions??  Have any of you done P90X?


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