New and Improved

Delights and Delectables is slowly coming along.

Hearing from you all is so rewarding, and it makes this such a fun adventure for me.  I love sharing a little part of me with you all every day.  This may seem odd, but with all that Luvy and I have going on this is therapeutic for me!  I look forward to posting and working on blog stuff, because you all have been so great!

To make it a little easier for you all, I updated the main page to have a recipe tab.  This way you can scroll through my recipes and find the one you are looking for easier.  As I post new recipes, I will update this.  Let me know if there are any glitches!  I’m not exactly tech savvy.  : )

D&D got updated and improved, but so did my tapioca pudding recipe.  I’m ashamed to say that Kathleen from Natural Progression and Health Nutrition asked for this recipe on December 31st!!  Sorry Kathleen!!!

Tapioca Pudding

  • 3 cups almond milk/ coconut milk/ or other milk
  • 1/4 cup quick cooking granulated tapioca– NOT TAPIOCA FLOUR!
  • 1 Tbsp sugar (I have used honey and agave nectar)
  • 1/2 cup carob chips or semi-sweet chocolate chips (I have been using 2 Tbsp of carob powder since I can’t have all the ingredients in the chips)

In a saucepan, simmer the milk and the tapioca.  If using powder, add this in now.

Cook for 12-15 minutes and stir frequently. The tapioca will swell and become transparent.

If using the chips, melt them in a double boiler or the microwave.

Once tapioca is done, remove from heat and add in melted chips and sugar.  You may want more sugar if your milk is unsweetened and/ or you use carob powder.  Just add to your liking!  Stir until completely blended.

Refrigerate.  Once it is cool, you will need to stir to break up the tapioca.

This is a very light and soothing pudding.  Too bad I didn’t have this recipe when Luvy had his tonsils out!!  He doesn’t like carob though.  : (

Tomorrow it is back to school for me.  Be praying for me… I’m still not completely finished with a project from last semester, and now I have 2 new classes beginning.  Yikes!

Luvy just has one more week of going to class!!  Yay!  He has a big presentation tomorrow.  I’m off to make an Indonesian treat for his class.  He is presenting a “Comparative Cultural Analysis on Indonesia and the US”..  sounds fun!

Here is the link for what I’m making if you all are curious!  I’m using up the sweet potatoes since I’m allergic to them!  : (  I’ll have pics up tomorrow of my creation!

How many of you are starting back to school??  Are there any other changes you all would like to see on Delights and Delectables to make it more reader/user-friendly?


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