Today it was back to work for this girl.  Other than the phones were ringing off the hook, things went pretty smoothly!  I certainly did NOT want to drag myself to work today, especially in the cold/ snow/ slush!

Luvy wasn’t getting in until late tonight, so I put on some potato soup.  Such a comforting dinner for a yucky day like today!

To be honest, I enjoyed my day at work.  It felt nice to get back to “normal”.  I know Luvy and I are both ready for this week to be over so he can be finished with going to class.  I am ready for “normal” again!  We have been crazy since Thanksgiving.  I am ready for our lives to get back to the boring ol’ normal routine.  : )

I am such a scheduled and OCD person.  I like a routine.  I had better get out of this before kids I’m sure!  I don’t think babies follow a “schedule” well.  Don’t get your panties in a wad… no babies here for a while!  There is something called school.

Getting back to work and “normal” wore me out today.  I’m glad we only have one more day until the weekend!

I’m pooped, so I’m off to bed.  Maybe I can make going to bed earlier my new normal??

What events/ obstacles get you all off track?  What helps you all get “back to normal”?


One thought on “Normal

  1. Potato Soup is the bomb diggity. My mom has made it once, but could handle it a little more often.

    If my dentist had their eyes crossed I would probably go to a different one, hahaha!

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