Night Off

Luvy woke me up this morning telling me that he didn’t feel well. He had a sore throat and felt achy all over. : ( My poor sweetie still had to leave out for a long day of school. I hopped out of bed at to help him pack up for school. I wanted to make sure he had some nutritious foods to fuel his day.

I just hope that he has a mix of exhaustion and a small cold rather than the flu coming on!!

I ended up beating him home tonight, even though I don’t get off until 7! Poor thing. He doesn’t have any work tonight for school, so we are taking the night off. Sorry for the short post tonight, but I promise I’ll make up for it this weekend.

We have an exciting weekend coming up so don’t turn the channel!

Take some time this weekend to relax and enjoy your loved ones!  We don’t do it often enough!!


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