This is just a bad dream..

Tell me I’m having a bad dream.  Tell me I’m going to wake up soon.

My mornings may never be the same…

Our TV’s aren’t working at work right now.  The sound is messed up- unless it is on full blast, AND they put the receptor in our ceiling to hide the Dish box, so I haven’t been able to even turn on my TV!!  When I got in tonight, Luvy dropped the bomb.

Regis is retiring!!  

I thought he was joking.  I have an unhealthy obsession with Kelly Ripa, and my mornings are made complete by watching Regis and Kelly every morning.

Two summers ago, Luvy and I went to NYC, and he took me to Live with Regis and Kelly.  It was wonderful!!  Believe it or not, Luvy actually enjoyed himself, and he really liked Regis.  Especially when Regis made fun of him for being on twitter!  : )

In all seriousness, Regis has become a part of my daily routine, and I’m very sad to see him go.  Just from watching the show, I have had a feeling that he wasn’t far from retiring.  It is sad, but not completely shocking.  It could be worse… Kelly could be leaving… then I might need to be resuscitated.

I may just have to DVR the rest of this season and watch it over and over again.. : )

OR maybe it will be Live with Kelly and Brittany next season.  🙂  Okay, maybe not, but a girl can dream…

I do hope that they find a very charismatic guy that really brings out Kelly’s personality to “replace” Regis.  I honestly don’t think Regis is replaceable though…

Who do you think should replace Regis?


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