Crazy Weekend

So…  my weekend started out interesting.  Sorry I bailed on you all last night.  I had a great reason- more on that here in a sec.

Our office is not open on Fridays, so I usually have a 3 day weekend.  I try to do appointments, cleaning, working out, grocery shopping, etc. on Friday mornings while Luvy is at work.  Thursday, we got snow so the roads were icy Friday morning. I was supposed to be in Louisville at 8 for blood work at my primary care doctor’s office.  I called to make sure they were open, and ended up getting there about 8:15.  The phlebotomist (the person that draws blood) wasn’t there yet.  Good thing I wasn’t on time! I ended up waiting until 9:30 before she showed up!!!  I was not a happy camper.  It put me behind for the rest of the day.  AND to beat it all, I hadn’t eaten anything because it had to be a fasting blood test!!  My tummy certainly wasn’t a happy camper.

Around noon, I got a random call on my cell.  If it is an unknown number, I usually don’t answer.  Since I had been to the doctor this morning, I figured I had better answer it since it was a Louisville number.  Good thing I did.  It was my GI doctor calling.  The tests that were run right before Christmas showed that everything was normal; however, there is one test that takes a little longer to get back.  He was calling to tell me that the preliminary tests for the H Pylori infection came back negative, but this test showed that I did in fact have the infection.  He told me that I would need to take 2 different antibiotics for one week.  He said that the antibiotics would make me feel worse than the infection did, but after this week I would be free!  I told him that I could do anything for a week.

This brings us to last night…  I made a WONDERFUL pizza.  Fire roasted tomatoes, seitan, kale, leek, pineapples!!, and mushrooms.  I even put cheese on 1/2 of it for Luvy.  I took my medicine like I was supposed to with my meal.  It was 3 huge horse pills.  

About 30 minutes after taking the medicine, I felt like I was going to die.  The nausea set in, and my stomach was killing me.  At one point, I was laying on our bathroom rug.  I tried eating a piece of toast later on… BIG MISTAKE.  I have never felt so nauseated in my life! I was way too miserable to do anything last night.  That is why you all didn’t hear from me yesterday.  I was making friends with my bathroom rug.  : )  I don’t care how good that pizza looks or was.  I don’t want pizza again for a LONG, LONG, LONG time!

Today, Luvy helped me clean the house.  Love him!!  He also hung some things in the house.  He hung the plaque that I got from the missions banquet/auction.

He also hung the tie rack that Mom and Mike got him for Christmas.  It is cedar, so I’m hoping it makes the closet smell good!! Lookin’ good!!  Thanks Mom and Mike!!

My medicine didn’t bother me today until around lunch time.  It was awful, again.

Last, but certainly not least, we had our friend Jason over for dinner tonight.  The boys had spaghetti with daddy’s organic, grass-fed beef, and garlic bread.  Luvy sure knows his way around the kitchen.  They ate 2 huge bowls full!!  After last night’s pizza, I didn’t want anything tomato-ey.  I made a spaghetti squash with cinnamon, roasted broccoli and mushrooms, and a piece of plain toast.  I forgot to take pictures of dinner.  I think it was because the company was so good!  : )

The night was polished off with brownies and ice cream for the boys.  I’m too afraid to eat anything, because I took my medicine.

Sorry for the long post tonight.  Just wanted to catch y’all up!  See you tomorrow!!

Have any of you ever had to take antibiotics that made you sick??  How long will this last?


One thought on “Crazy Weekend

  1. Brittany,
    So sorry to hear about the infection and bad medicine!!! We need to catch up. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Love, jennifer

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