Sunday Fun

I have been feeling some better today!  My nausea is still there, but not near as strong.  I am hoping that my body is finally getting used to this and tomorrow will be a breeze.

Cleaning teeth + nausea =  not pretty!

Tonight, we had our college group over for Sunday night discipleship!  Two fun nights of having people over in a row!!  I’m lovin’ it.

Luvy put together quite the spread.  

The boys of course had no problem clearing out the brownies…

The group:

These guys are so much fun!!!

Today, I got to add in one of my FAVORITE foods.  I added in oats!!  I have severely missed oatmeal these past 3 months. Hopefully they work well for me.  They are one of my “yellow” or slightly reactive foods, so only time will tell.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post of fun ways to eat oatmeal.  Sometimes oats can get boring if you don’t mix it up.  I also made granola.  It is carob granola, and it isn’t going to last long.  I’m addicted.

How was y’alls weekend??


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