No Time = No Blog

I have no time.  : (

We are in a mad dash to get everything done before we leave for Peru.  I have been writing papers, pulling my hair out, doing laundry, and no telling what else.  I feel like I need to be 3 places at once.

I love to write for fun.  Blogging and stuff never bothers me.  However, I HATE to write for school.  Give me a test, and I’m good… make me write and I want to die!  Why did I sign up for a master’s program again?!?

Sorry for neglecting you all like I have been.  Exciting stuff to come this week.

It is in the 70’s and 80’s in Peru!!!  Sunshine, here I come!

I know the Lord is going to do great things in Peru!

How many of you have been on international mission trips?  Share your experiences!!



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