Up, up and away

And we’re off!

This morning and last night were hectic!  I made a quick oats in a jar (OIAJ) this morning to finish off my sunflower butter jar. YUMM…

Lot’s of this was going on last night and this morning:

I have had to pack up food to take since I don’t really know what kinds of foods are going to be available this next week. Hopefully, they have LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Regardless, I will be in 70- 80 degree weather.  That is going to feel like heaven!

We should land in Peru at about 1am- ish.  This will all depend on how much flights are messed up due to the crazy weather.

Pray for us as we go.  Pray for God’s guidance and lives to be touched. See you from Peru!


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