Daaang Delta

Yesterday, our flights were set to leave at 1:40 from Louisville to Atlanta.  When we got there, we found out that we were delayed til 3:30.


After waiting an eternity in the TINY Louisville airport, we were delayed again.  

We were all thrilled at this point. We finally got to leave around 4:45 to 5.  Our connecting flight was at 5:15 in Atlanta to Lima. Obviously, we weren’t making that.


So, in Atlanta we only had 30 minutes to run and grab something to eat (literally run), and catch our flight to Miami!?!

When we landed in Miami, we thought it was a joke.  The place was a graveyard.  No humans in sight.  Delta had rerouted us there to fly American Airlines to Lima overnight.

Our flight left at 11:50pm.  Once on board, there were no individual TV’s.  AND they had no vegan meals.  Or as they called them “special” meals.


We landed around 5am, and we quickly found out we had no luggage.


They guy at AA told us that it will be sent tonight, and we SHOULD receive it before 4pm tomorrow.


We ran to the grocery that is right here by our apartment to get some fruit for me.  Luckily, I had packed some oatmeal in my backpack.  However, I don’t know what I’m going to do for food tomorrow or Friday if our luggage doesn’t come!

We have a great kitchen in our apartment, so I can always go to the grocery and cook.

When we called to give a phone number for our luggage, we talked to the Delta agent who issued us $100 voucher for clothes and toiletries.  However, hair gel is not considered a “necessity”.  They just haven’t seen my hair!


We went shopping, took showers (heaven!), and went to a really cool area overlooking the ocean for dinner.  

This was my very first time seeing the Pacific Ocean!!

Monty and Janice are our wonderful missionaries that we work with.  We also worked with them last year in Brazil.

I am pooped, and my hair is outta control!  🙂

Tomorrow, we have a meeting at the hospital to discuss medical missions and check out other places for us to serve.

Keep us in your prayers. Especially keep my family in your prayers.  My grandmother, who has been ill for a long time, passed away this morning.  I know the Lord has plans for us here in Peru, but I want to be home to be with my mom.


4 thoughts on “Daaang Delta

  1. Oh my goodness! One bad thing right after another! I’m so terribly sorry about your grandmother; you’re right, though, God has plans for you in Peru I’m sure! Praying for you!

  2. Wow, you’ve got your work cut out for you! So much for plannning and packing food. I know you’ll do great though. It looks like you have a wonderful apartment with a nice kitchen that’s going to get some good use. The next 48 hrs or so may be a challenge, but see what you can find at the grocery and keep it simple. Good Luck!
    I’m so sorry your grandmother passed away and that you are traveling now. You’ll be able to give your mom a hug soon.

  3. Yes, God has wonderful plans for you all in the Peru. Enjoy your time and bring back wealth of information to share. I feel your pain as I pack knowing I can’t take my hair stuff. Dang terrorists!!!!! See you soon.

    Love you


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