Jesus loves all the little children

Red, yellow, black and white… all are precious in his sight!

It’s a good thing too.. because I’m RED!  I got burnt today in the hot sun.  : )  I will not complain though, because we are about to be back to freezing weather.

Today was a long and exciting day.

We went to 2 different quintas today.  They were so excited to show us around.

Quintas are little communities inside the city of Lima. The first quintas we went to had over 300 people that lived there.

Everyone wanted their pictures taken.  It is such an eye opener to go to these places.  I am always humbled by how much God has blessed me with by seeing how these people live.  

They wanted to show us their bathrooms!  They just got these installed.  

Can you imagine getting excited over a bathroom?  That is something that we feel like we are entitled to in America.

Lord, humble us!

It was the children that stole my heart.  There is a girls orphanage that they are hoping to get us into to serve at.  

I had better not come on that trip.  There may be a few less girls in that orphanage, and we would need a bigger house.  : )

This was only half of our day!

Now we are headed to dinner before we catch our flight back to the States.  Part II to come tomorrow!

Thank you for all your kind words about my grandma. Please keep my mom and her sister in your prayers as they deal with everything.  Wish I were with you, Mom!!




3 thoughts on “Jesus loves all the little children

  1. The idea of orphans breaks my heart. Every child so needs and deserves love, hugs, kisses, and a mother to fuss over them. Go on that trip, Brit, and bring those girls back!

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