Meeting Peru

Peru is beautiful!  The weather here is outstanding.  I only needed a very light jacket for the evening.  That was mostly because I felt like I was getting bitten by mosquitos.

This morning I enjoyed reading my book with a cup of Peruvian coffee made by Luvy.  In a Toyota mug they had here– for you, Daddy!

Our “work” day started our day by meeting another missionary, Quinton, and his wife.  They serve in the inner city of Lima, and we will be working with them doing our dental clinic.  They took us by the clinic to meet with some of the doctors there, and to show us around.

It is a pretty nice arrangement that we are going to have.  Nita (the dentist) got a good feel of how she would like to set up, so we should be ready to hit the road running in July.  

After the clinic, we came back to the apartment, and Luvy and Monty went to get our suitcases!!!!

We have clean clothes!!!  I have been looking pretty rough the past two days.

For lunch, we went to Chili’s.  : )

I took in some fitness bread, banana, almond butter, and strawberries.  I also had an apple and sunflower butter.  Have any of you tried fitness bread?  I got it at Whole Foods, but Kroger sells it as well.  If you haven’t had it… DON’T!  If I wasn’t in dire straights down here for food, I wouldn’t eat it.

It tastes like sweaty gym socks.  EEeek!

For a special treat, (and since we have been so good) Monty took us to the Inca Market.

Nita is the master barterer.  I got something special for my mom while we were there… can’t reveal what it is because she reads my blogs.  : )  Since grandma passed, mom has been in a flurry to get to Ohio and to take care of things.  I thought this might cheer her up a bit.  (It is for your jungle room, Mom!)

Tonight, we went to a restaurant outside of Parque Kennedy here in Lima.  

The park was a happenin’ place.

Luvy got alpaca for dinner!

He said it was like beef, and he prefers beef.  : )  I, of course, had to brown bag it again.

One more day left in Lima.  We are going to try to go into one of the downtown quitas. Thanks for all your prayers!


2 thoughts on “Meeting Peru

  1. Why didn’t you get some food from the market to eat!? I would have done that in a heartbeat instead of going to restaurants (at least once). Perhaps I’m being a little too American and thinking of what I see on TV about Markets in other countries, but that would have been pretty awesome to get some food from the market and have someone help you cook it up.

    • ok… I didn’t get the pictures on my email that I get the blog posts from… I see now that the “market” doesn’t look much like a food market now.. dang.

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