Kissing Peru Goodbye

We were so sad to leave Peru last night!  I did not feel like 4 days had gone by already.

The plane ride was FREEZING!!  It was only preparation for the snow flurries that were awaiting us this afternoon when we got to Louisville…  : (

We left summer and came back to winter.  Maybe the Lord is calling us to spend our winters in Peru and summers here???  ; )

Since yesterday was our last day, we did a bit of sight-seeing yesterday evening.

We went to some ruins that were right next to our apartment!  

This was all handmade by the original people of Lima hundreds of years ago.  All of the blocks are made with adobe.  

They said that it never rains in Lima.  If it did this would melt away.

We noticed several of the buildings in downtown Lima are also made with adobe.  I think it is crazy that it never rains there!

This place was huge!  It is different from other pyramids made by the Egyptians and other cultures in that it is flat on top.  This was so that the high-ranking priests could watch over the area, and so that they could see the sea from the top.  

This group worshiped the sea.  They also had women as leaders.  Women, especially fertile women, were seen as the most valuable.  They would make human sacrifices to their gods.  They would sacrifice women who had already bore several children and was seen as very fertile.  

Ladies, aren’t you glad you didn’t live in Lima back then???

This place was so big.  It was amazing to see how industrious people were years ago, even without large machines!

They have 3 dogs that roam the ruins.  They are Peruvian hairless dogs.  Luvy made friends with the little guy.  I was a little grossed out by the no hair thing… it reminded me of an oversized naked mole rat.  No thanks!

Our tour guide took us to see the alpacas and the guinea pigs they have there on the grounds.  

I made friends with the alpacas.  Luvy ate one for dinner Thursday night.  : (  How could you eat such a sweet lil thing like this??

Our tour guide showed us two big guinea pigs.  He said their names are Monday and Tuesday…because that is when they will be served.

Guinea pig is a very popular dish in Peru.  And people wonder why I’m a vegetarian…  ; )

We had a wonderful trip, and even though it is so cold outside it is good to be home.  We had a great team to go down, and I am very thankful for the time that we got to spend together.  Nita and I have known each other for a while, but this was the first time Barbara and I have gotten to really get to know each other.  She is a trip without leaving the farm, as my daddy would say.  I love both of these ladies!!  I hope we get to spend a lot more time together in the future.  They are breaths of fresh air!

Oh Scott, this is for you..  

They had a ton of fresh fruits and veggies.  This was just a cart on the side of the road, but the grocery store next to where we stayed was HUGE!  I ate a salad every night and fruit all day long!  I never went hungry while I was there.  I just missed being able to have a “complete meal”.  Ya know what I mean??  I had to brown bag whatever I was eating and take it into whatever restaurant we were eating at.

Luvy and I have no food in the house, so he took me to dinner.  It is crazy that the places that are LEAP and allergy friendly for me are restaurants that I never considered eating at before all of this!  We ate at Logan’s Roadhouse.  They prepared me salmon with no oil or anything on it, grilled zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and tomato, and steamed broccoli!  It hit the spot!!!

Sorry I didn’t get a picture.. I’m doing well to keep my eyes open.  Off for some MUCH needed sleep!

Thanks again for all the kind words about my grandma.  Please continue to keep my family in your prayers.  Luvy and I aren’t going to be able to make it to Ohio, and I’m heartbroken.  I know my mom could use the support.

Anything else you all would like to know about our trip??


One thought on “Kissing Peru Goodbye

  1. oh my gosh that is so cool! I would be such a sucker if I went there! You better be careful trying to kiss those alpacas you might get a face-full of spit!

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