Super Bowl and Super Sleepy

I have been dragging all day long!  I’m sure by reading yesterday’s post that I am/have been extremely tired.

At this point, I’m doing well to put together complete sentences.  : )

This morning Luvy woke up sick.  We aren’t really sure if it is the flu, stomach bug, or something he ate/got in Peru.  So far, he is not running a fever.  He has been doing a lot of hanging out on the couch today, which is SO unlike him.

I spent my afternoon working on some school stuff and eating… I’m making up for lost time.  🙂

Tonight, we had our college and young adult Super Bowl party!!  

We had a ton of food- chili, chips, dips, cookies, and all kinds of goodies!  Of course, I packed my lunch (dinner) box.  

This may be the only event we do that the boys out number the girls.  I love these girls!!  

We always have our party at the same place, because they have a HUGE screen and HD projector.  Luvy and I will go over there some and watch movies.  It is way better than going to an actual theater!

I’m glad that the Packers won the game!!  Their QB is a professing christian!  I would have much rather seen Peyton win another Super Bowl though..

Off to bed.  I need my energy for work tomorrow.  I’m so not ready to go back to work!!

How was your all’s weekend??


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