Tastefully Tennessee

1982 was a good year for Tennessee, and not just because Luvy was born.

The World’s Fair was in Knoxville that year!


At the fair, a new meal was born.  The ‘Petroleum Belly ‘ was chili and cheese served with Frito’s in the Frito’s Corn Chips bag. Little did they know, this meal would eventually be a food chain known as Petro’s, and be a staple meal in many East Tennessee homes.

Here in Kentucky, people call this chili pie… but they are mistaken… it is a Petro.

So, what exactly is a Petro??


This is one of Luvy and my favorite meals!  Plus, it is so quick and easy.

Just cook your chili in a slow cooker all day.  I used my Pumpkin Chili, because I was out of chili powder for regular chili.  Spicy chili is my favorite in this!

Get out all our loot for the Petros.

Don’t ever forget the olives.  We were out, but the olives make it SOOO good!

Layer it up and gobble gobble!

Hope you all are having a great Friday!!  I have to work tomorrow.  😦

What fun stuff do you all have planned for the weekend??


One thought on “Tastefully Tennessee

  1. That REALLY looks good Brit!!!!!! I really don’t think that is on my Medifast list though. Sorry you have to work Saturday. Have a great weekend and I will be seeing you soon 🙂

    Love you


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