Little India Cafe

Luvy and I love to eat out.  More importantly, we love to eat Indian food out!!!

It has been probably September since we have eaten Indian because of LEAP and food allergies.  After calling all the Indian restaurants in Louisville, I stumbled on one that did not cook with soy oil!

Little India Cafe is a hole in the wall restaurant, and they cooked an entrée for me with canola oil.  They even went “light” on the oil.  It wasn’t as “light” as I would have liked, but they completely went out of their way to accommodate me.

It certainly wasn’t the best Indian I have ever eaten.  I got the Aloo Gobi with peas added.  It was 1 of 2 of the only vegetarian plates that could be made without milk!  😦  This restaurant certainly doesn’t have the selection that I’m used to when eating Indian.

It was just okay.  I would give it a 5 out of 10.  Mostly because it was very blah when it came to taste, but they did go out of their way for me!  The cook even came out and talked to me.  Our server kept saying, ‘we are new and I don’t want to be blamed for anything’.  I think they were scared to serve me.  😦

Luvy got the Lamb Biriyani.  He said it was good.  He really like the yogurt sauce it came with.

It certainly wasn’t our favorite Indian, but they did have great service!

Unfortunately, on our way home I got a terrible pain in my stomach.  This is the second time it has happened in a week.  The pain feels like someone is scraping out my insides with a razor.  I haven’t been able to get ahold of any of my doctors (naturally!). Here’s to hoping I get an answer tomorrow!!  I’m just hoping it isn’t from the cauliflower that I added back in.  It is hard to tell if it is a food allergy problem or a stomach problem!

Do you all like Indian food?  What restaurant is your favorite? Ours is Woodlands in Nashville!



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