Whatever the cost?

When I was in 8th grade, I remember the shootings at Columbine High School.  Later, the book She Said Yes came out.  I remember the impact it had on me.

I was not raised in church, and the gospel wasn’t something that was commonly talked about in my house.  I had been to church, and I had been baptized.  However, I certainly was not saved.  I thought I was, but I had no clue what being a “Christian” was.

I remember asking myself in high school, ‘Would I have said yes’?  This was something that youth pastors were big on for several years.  Later on, I found out that it was not confirmed that Cassie Bernall was shot because of her faith in Christ.  This gave me reason to put this in the back of my mind and continue living however I pleased.

Fast forward to my junior/senior years… Several different life events happened that shook my world.  Everything that was “normal” for my life was ripped out from under me.  Not knowing where else to go, I opened my Bible.  I realized that being a “Christian” was a lifestyle not a label.  Jesus was not my “homeboy”.  He is Lord.  It was at that point that I gave my life to Jesus- as my Lord and Savior.

Here in America, we don’t have to hide in secret to praise Jesus.  We get to meet in our comfy churches, padded pews, and in our Sunday best.  We are sometimes very unaware of our brothers and sisters that risk their lives daily because they LOVE Jesus.

A popular Christian blogger, Justin Taylor, recently posted about an Afghan Christian who is sentenced to be executed for his faith if he didn’t convert back to Islam.  

His name is Sayed Musa.  Please pray for our brother in Christ.  Here is the link for the story about Sayed at Justin’s blog.

Thank you Justin for posting this.

I pray that if any of us were faced with this we would stand for Christ.


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