Royal Hiney

It is COLD this weekend!  I was hoping to do more stuff with Daddy outside, but it was way too cold for that.

We made an oatmeal breakfast and then ventured out.

Daddy had never seen Churchill Downs, so we took him by UofL where I go to school and then to the track.

Lots of betting going on today.  Don’t worry, we were good.  🙂

I have my Daddy’s luck anyway… I know better than to bet on anything.  🙂

While we were looking at the track, one of the workers offered to take us upstairs to Millionaire’s Row.

He let me sit in the seat that Queen Elizabeth II sat in when she came the derby.  My hiney is now royal.  🙂

Daddy and our guide had a great time chatting.  This guy was a womanizer.  He likes his pickup lines!

They have a really cool glass representation of the Derby on display up on Millionaire’s Row.  It was handcrafted by an Englishman.  It can be yours for just 3 million dollars.  I made sure not to get too close!

On our way home, we stopped and got Girl Scout cookies from Jordyn, and I scored these awesome mini bananas!!

I can’t wait for spring.  Our fruit hasn’t been very good.  I got peaches the other day and one was soft and powdery and the other was hard and dry.  😦  Need sun, heat, and FRUIT!  Florida anyone??

We came back and Daddy showed Luvy how to make our family’s famous Pork BBQ.  More on that later.

It is so nice having Daddy here!!!

We have to roll up our sleeves and get ready for our chili cook-off at church tomorrow.  I think they are prejudice against my vegetarian chili… I never win.  Here goes another year… MEAT FREE!

I have a big surprise for you all on Monday night!  You all might fall out of your chairs.  Make sure you are sitting for the Monday night post.

Off to hang out with Daddy!!


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