New and Improved

Today was a “new” kind of day.

Our coffee pot has been acting up lately, so Wednesday this showed up at our door.

This morning was our new coffee pot’s maiden voyage!  It makes a great cup of coffee, I must say!  

I needed that cup of coffee today.  Getting my hair cut is a stressful event for me.  I had a bad experience in high school and ended up looking like a mushroom for 2 years…  not cool.

My wonderful friend, April, used to cut my hair in Tennessee, and I was terrified to have anyone else do my hair in Kentucky.

That was until I found Jill!  She is incredible, as well.  

If any of you need a hair stylist, go to The Chopping Block and ask for Jill.  I only have her thanks to my friend, Leslie.  🙂  I owe you, girl!

My hair always takes about 3 hours to do.  I start out looking like this.

Pretty huh??

Jill always straightens my hair when I get it cut.  This is the ONLY time I ever wear my hair straight.  I feel like I’m an alien in my own body with my hair straight.

My hair was in bad need of a hair cut.  I feel like a whole new woman!

After my cut, Luvy took me out to eat.  We went to Logan’s because it was convenient.

I, of course, got the salmon with vegetables.

Luvy got the chopped sirloin with a sweet potato and broccoli.

We had to rush back home so that I could help decorate for Baby Bootcamp!!  More on that tomorrow.

So, do you like the hair better straight or curly?? I like it curly.  I think it fits my personality better!


5 thoughts on “New and Improved

  1. Oh I think I like the picture where the curly is brushed out. HEE HEE!!!!! By the way I like the new look in the kitchen. Your beautiful if it is straight or curly. Your a very blessed child.

    Love ya

  2. Brittany, Matt says he likes your hair better straight. I like it both ways. You’re so lucky to have that option!! Like your mom, I’m loving the brushed out foil head look. 🙂

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