Walking Disaster

I am a disaster.

Seriously..  I should have  caution lights and a loud beeper when I move.

I burn everything.

Tops to tupperware and my favorite Pampered Chef measuring bowl.

Our salt shaker.

Let’s not even talk about the cap to my Sunflower oil…

Notice that the Sunflower Oil is ‘high heat’.  The cap was not.

If I don’t burn it- actually, if it isn’t able to be burned… I break it.

We only have 11 of our 12 plates thanks to me.

And, now, I have broken my favorite bowl…

It was orange…  😦  And it had my favorite cereal in it.  Good thing I hadn’t put the milk in yet!

I need to be put in a bubble so I don’t break or burn anything else!  Who needs kids to break and mess up stuff when Luvy’s got me??


On a good note, I ran again today to test out my knee.  I got through 4 miles before my knee started to feel tense!!  I stopped and walked as soon as I felt anything.  🙂  I’m going to ice again tonight.  I’m so glad it went well today!!  Maybe I’m back???

Anyone want to let me borrow some tupperware???  😉


5 thoughts on “Walking Disaster

  1. Borrow???? With your luck I don’t think I would want it back. LOL !!! You know that A personality you have well I think you need to learn to slow down and smell the roses. Love ya

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