Feels Like Home

Have you ever gone into someone else’s house and felt like a part of the family?

Tonight, Luvy and I went over to Jeff and Barbara’s house for dinner. Their home just has a sweet atmosphere, and it felt like home! We haven’t been to Tennessee to see our families since January, and I have been missing the feeling of having family around me. Tonight, I had my fix though.

Barbara and Jeff aren’t blood family, but I would definitely consider them my family!! (Jenni- do you think you could stand another sister??)

Jeff is a master on the grill. Look at Luvy’s steak!

Luvy and I contributed the salad, green beans, and cantaloupe.

Barbara made potatoes (special ones for me!!), roasted corn, chicken, and steak.

She also had strawberry shortcake with whip cream for dessert.

I ate 3 plates full, so no dessert for me!

It felt good to be around such a loving family. No one can replace our families, but it sure feels nice to spend time with people who love each other and love you!

It was also great to be around Bailey. He is the sweetest dog. I have never been much of a dog person, but I like him. He isn’t a barker, and he didn’t lick me! He was almost like a cat!

Thank you Jeff, Barbara, Jenni, Shelbi, Morgan, and Denise (and Bailey) for having us!! You don’t know how much it meant to us!!


One thought on “Feels Like Home

  1. Brittany we so enjoyed having you both! And yes it was like having a couple more kids around! We both love having our family here and we know the more love you give away-the more you receive! So come anytime and often. We look forward to trying some of your specialty dishes too! So thank you for your kind comments and welcome to our family!

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