My Poor Gluteus Medius

Well folks…  the running is going to have to be put on hold for a bit.

I have been doing some observation hours at our local physical therapy office for the past few weeks.  The guys are so nice!!  We were talking about my running, and I mentioned my knee pain.  The next thing I knew, they had me up on the table.

They said that my gluteus medius is not strong enough.  (Actually, they laughed at me and said ‘that’s all you got??’)  Thanks guys!


If your gluteus medius is not strong enough, it causes your knee to compensate as you run.  Thus, causing pain.  So, for the next few weeks, I have been given a series of exercises to do to hopefully fix my problem.

A couple of my favorite bloggers have also been dealing with knee pain.  Mine is on the lateral side of my right knee.  It only hurts when I run.  Insanity, squats, lunges, jumping, and walking do not bother it.  Only running.  Caitlin and Ashley have both had knee troubles, and they have some great information on their blogs about dealing with injuries and such.  I have been reading their blogs for motivation and encouragement.

It is so frustrating not being able to run.  Especially since the 10-miler is this coming weekend!!!  I won’t be running, that’s for sure!

I wanted to share with you all some of the exercises they have me doing in case any of you have knee pain.

Lateral Leg raise

Lay on your side.  

Raise top leg up- making sure not to turn your knee.  This way you target the hip muscles and not the quad.

Do 30 reps.  Slowly make your way up to 50 reps!  Turn over and repeat on other side.


Lay on your side with knees bent.

Keeping your feet touching, raise top leg up (like a hinge).  

Return to start.  Start with 30 reps and make your way to 50.  Turn over and repeat.

Knee Toe Touch

Lay on your side with knees bent.

Raise top leg in air so that it is parallel with lower leg.  Touch knee to knee keeping toe in air.

Next, raise knee in air to touch toes together.

That is 1 rep.  Do 30 reps, and make your way to 50.  Turn over and repeat.

After your exercises, make sure to stretch out those muscles.


Make 90° angles with your legs.

Lean straight forward to stretch out the hip muscles.

Switch sides and repeat.

When doing exercise, make sure you ALWAYS warm up and stretch!!!

Let’s hope this does the trick for my knee!!

How do you all deal with injuries???


One thought on “My Poor Gluteus Medius

  1. Came across this while looking for ways to strengthen my own gluteus medius so I could (hopefully) get back to running again. Thanks!

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