Switching Things Up

This rotation diet has been tricky.  I have realized that I like lots of ingredients in things.

For example:  my granola has oats, flax, pumpkin, cinnamon, almonds, sunflower seeds, vanilla, applesauce, and honey.  That is a lot of stuff!!  I’m going to have to cut some ingredients out to make it conducive to the ‘rotation diet’.

I needed a new breakfast item to add into the rotation.  The blog world has been going crazy over buckwheat thanks to the lovely Ashley at the Edible Perspective.

I love hot cereals, and I didn’t have time to make one of Ashley’s buckwheat bakes.  So, I made a hot buckwheat cereal.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care for it.  I think I need to grind the buckwheat a little before cooking it.  It was too chunky and not creamy enough for me.

However, I did LOVE the raw kasha (roasted buckwheat) on the top!!

Maybe I’ll try to coarsely break it up with my food processor next time.  I NEED a Vitamix!!!!

Any suggestions??

Tomorrow is a busy day starting at 6:00am!  I’m turning in early tonight.  A spin class with Ben Stein in spandex may be in order tomorrow!!  🙂


One thought on “Switching Things Up

  1. It looks good, but I’m sad to see it wasn’t totally yummy to you. That is always such a disappointment, isn’t it? Good luck figuring out a way to get it to work for you. Hopefully you’ll share your strategy when you figure it out.

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