Like a Chicken With It’s…

How is it April already????

Time is flying by!!

This morning was an EARLY one.  No sleeping for the weary.  I was up at 6:00, and out the door by 6:45.  It was a crazy busy day.  I had a doctor appointment at 7:30.  I didn’t get out of there until almost 10!!!  I had to tell them that I had another appointment to get to, otherwise I might have been in there longer!

I had to rush to meet Luvy at Whole Foods for breakfast, since I didn’t have time this morning.  By 10, their oats weren’t so fresh, but I was STARVING!!  They were just ehh…  way tooo salty.  They would have probably been better earlier in the morning when they were first put out.

However, they did have lots of fresh berries to top the oats.  Plus, I brought granola from home and almond butter.

I also scored some organic Braeburn apples for 99¢ a pound!

After scarfing down breakfast, it was off to my second appointment!!

I don’t like going to the doctor, so today didn’t begin so great.  I got home around 1:30 and realized I didn’t have anything for lunch.  Plus, I broke my phone in the process.  Poop.

After throwing something random together that didn’t go together at all, I TOOK A NAP!  Can you believe it??  I slept for an entire hour.

Luvy came home to get me, because we needed to get my phone fixed!  I cracked the screen.  I am a walking disaster (we have already established this).  We also had a spin class date at 5:15.

After going to the Sprint store, we pulled up to spin, but decided not to go.  I was completely worn out from my appointments today so we ended up at Guitar Center and World Market instead!

We hit the jackpot at both places.  Luvy got a new (and ugly!) amp.  It is brown…  eekkk.  At World Market, we scored two soup bowls and a covered baking dish.

I think these bowls will be great for breakfast!!

The baking dish is JUST the right color.

Luvy also found a new seasoning for us to try.

He said that our spice rack just received a touch of class with the Slap Ya Momma!

From there, we went grocery shopping where we hit the jackpot.  Kroger had some great sales!!

The agave nectar that I have been eyeing went on sale for $5.99 from $15.99!!!  

Go to Kroger stat!

Today was a busy day.   I:

  • went to Louisville twice
  • peed in 2 cups
  • gave blood twice
  • got stuck 3 times
  • broke my phone
  • got a new phone
  • went to Whole Foods, Sprint, Guitar Center, World Market, AND Kroger.

I’m officially wiped out.   I ran around like (as they say where I come from) a chicken with it’s head cut off today!  Tomorrow I’m going to be lazy!

Was anyone pull any good April Fools Day jokes?? I was the butt of a good one yesterday at work!!


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