I got a Heine!

Today’s storms were not fun!  I don’t really care for storms to begin with, but today’s stunk because I had to drive in them.

However, I got to meet these two lovely ladies at Heine Brothers.

Ruthie, Cynthia, and I had to meet up and work on our group project that is due next week.

We got the “research” and background part done, plus some girl chat!  These two are so sweet!!  I hope we have more classes together!

I had never been to Heine Brothers Coffee, but it is very cool inside.  

I loved the artsy feel.  Plus, everything is eco friendly.  

Since we were there, I had to try out the coffee.  It was already 6pm by the time I got the coffee, so I opted for decaf.  They only have cow’s milk and soy milk, so I had to drink it straight up.

I added some cinnamon and stevia.  Overall, I didn’t care for the coffee.  I was so strong- almost bitter.  I reminded me of Starbucks coffee.  I drank it down some so that I could add in some water.  That made it better.  Maybe next time, I’ll take in some of my own almond milk.  🙂

This week is going to be a bit crazy, so posts may be a bit scattered.  I’m in serious need to some help with my rotation diet… it isn’t working out so well.  😦

I need to revisit my some of my old food logs for some food inspiration.  I feel like I am eating the same things over and over and I’m getting bored!

Maybe I’ll come up with a new recipe to share??

Any old/ favorite recipes you all have that you want me to healthify???


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